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Viking Profish GT Kayak

Color: Storm

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Color: Daybreak

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Color: Kiwi

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This item is not available for purchase online. Please call 928-358-1183 to order.
I've sat and fished from a lot of different brands.  Viking has totally got my attention.  THE MOST COMFORTABLE KAYAK EVER!!! I've had a broken neck, still have herniated discs in upper and lower back and two shoulder surgeries.  All left a lasting impression.. especially in the morning.  I really appreciate the "Recliner like feel" this seat / butt pan provides.  My legs don't go to sleep after extended hours of fishing... extended.. in excess of 7 hours in the seat at a time.  I don't feel the need to constantly move for body adjustments.  It's light weight and paddles like a dream.. but i use the Bixpy.. Honestly I'm not a kayaker.. I kayak fish.  Your won't find me out there without a fly rod in my hand, but having paddled many models this one is really responsive and easy to maneuver. Still recommend the Bixpy J-2..  You gonna paddle or fish?

At just under 12 feet long, the Profish GT is designed for paddlers of all experience levels and sizes looking for a compact paddling and fishing platform that is exceptionally easy to handle both on and off the water.

Compact, easily managed, and incredibly maneuverable, this is our 4WD fishing kayak. The stability of the Profish GT will appeal to both all-water anglers and recreational paddlers looking for a worry-free ride.

The GT paddler is in their element shredding narrow waterways while still fully capable of using the 4WD to punch through the rolling waves of the surf or slow down to stand up and sight cast the backwaters.

Kayak Specifications:
11Feet 10 Inches length
32 Inch width
57 lbs weight
385lb carrying capacity

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