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Viking Profish GT with Bixpy Motor PACKAGE DEAL

Ok so here's my two cents on this.  I love it.  I'm not much of a gadget guy, and I was a bit leery of this little motor.  It doesn't weigh anything, how can it possibly push a kayak at any speed at all, it'll waste my fishing time by replacing it with set-up time.. just a few of my worries prior to using this package.  Let me be the first to say.. it goes FAST!  This little motor is fast all the way around.. Set-up time is basically non existent.  Drop the rudder pin through the bracket, attach steering cables.. your done.   On the water I took it up to full speed, let it plane out and hit the toe tap steering.. two things caught my attention right away.  One, the kayak turned on a dime which I was not prepared for.  Two, I was going way faster than I thought and the force of the turn almost threw me out of my seat...Is it fun?  Absolutely.   Does it get you to the fishing faster?  OH YEAH!! Can you use it for trolling?  Of course!  At trolling speed you'll have battery life all day. This kayak is so comfortable to sit in and fish from it's crazy.  I've had a broken neck and still have disc issues in my upper and lower back..but I have no issues sitting in this kayak.  Did I mention it maneuvers extremely well?  It does with or without the motor.  Great kayak to just paddle around.  If you have any questions about this kayak or the Bixpy motor, just give me a call.  928-358-1183, I'll be more than happy to answer any questions about this set-up.  This is the set-up I use for all my fishing.


Package Includes:
-Viking Profish GT Kayak
-Bixpy J-2 Outboard Kit
-Viking Quickswap rudder
-Viking Toe Taps
-Bending Branches Scout Angler Paddle
-Yukon Life Jacket

Combine Viking Kayaks high performance and innovative Profish GT fishing kayak with Bixpy jet, the world’s most advanced water propulsion system, and you get the ultimate kayak fishing platform for all environments. 

The compact yet incredibly powerful Bixpy Jet electric motor will help take your adventures further for less effort and more efficiently than any other form of kayak propulsion on the market. 

  • Runs for approximately 80 minutes at top speed and up to 12 hours at slower speeds
  • Ultralight setup (weighs just 9 lbs including battery and motor)
  • Operates via wireless remote control with 12 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds
  • Waterproof and dirt-proof with corrosion-resistant components
  • Outboard Power Pack and remote control floats in case of accidental slippage
  • Built in wire harness with 1.5m (5') power cable included for hassle free connection to your adapter


Truly hands-free control with our Viking foot-controlled rudder system, hold into wind or current without interrupting your fishing which is particularly useful when holding over fish or up against structure.

The Viking Profish kayak will be fitted with the Viking Uphaul System to avoid damaging the motor in shallow water and with the Viking Quick Swap kit you can swap between rudder and motor in seconds.

**The photo shows the optional battery position fitted on the bow, You need to buy the Battery extension kit if you would like the battery mounted up front. The standard package comes with the battery clipped in the rear well**

No trailers no boat ramps, no fuel, just pure stealth and efficiency.

The advantages of the Bixpy over pedal powered kayaks are many, but the main things you will enjoy are:

  • Light weight at 57lbs (pedal kayaks are often over 100lbs - try lifting that onto your car!)

  • Totally hands free (pedal kayaks require one hand to control the rudder steering)

  • Able to hold into the wind or current by turning the rudder left or right - pedal kayaks are driven from the middle of the kayak, not the rear - this means as soon as the wind pushes you off your holding position, you need to pedal in a big circle to try and get back in position (e.g. trying to stay over a good fishing spot)

  • Maintenance free brushless motor. Pedal drives have many moving parts and bearings that need maintenance.

  • The Bixpy powered Viking Profish GT is very easy to paddle if you want to. 
    This is because your seating position is lower, therefore the kayak doesn't need to be so wide to feel stable. 
    Pedal kayaks, due to needing a raised seat that is adjustable for different leg lengths to reach the pedals, need to be very wide to feel stable enough. This makes for a heavy and difficult kayak to paddle which also gets pushed around in wind due to being high sided.

  • The cockpit is still free for a Tackle Pod to carry your fishing gear or other items you want quick and easy access to - pedal drive kayaks have this valuable space taken up with the pedal drive units. (Fishing lines, especially braid, love to get tangled around pedals)